I’ve been slowly easing into eating a Paleo diet over the last few months. I’ve read a lot lately about how it could help thyroid patients and others with auto-immune disease. I’ve got Hashimoto’s Disease so I’ve been exploring ways to eat that would help combat the symptoms. If you’re a thyroid patient it might be work a look too. (Disclaimer: I’M NOT A DOCTOR – AT ALL!)

I’ve found some resources that have really helped as I transitioned from the Standard American Diet to one inline with the principals of Paleo. I’m not perfect yet but I am learning. As I do I’ll be sharing some of the resources I’ve found. Below are a few of the cookbooks that started me out. Just click on them to be directed to the books on Amazon. A great way to use that Amazon gift card you probably got for Christmas.

I’ve also been developing a few go to recipes of my own. I’ll share those here as I get better at understanding what to cook and eat to stay Paleo!


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